Ephedrine Side Effects

Ephedrine can be dangerous if used improperly. If take in too high amounts it can cause, among other things, heart attacks and even death. If you are taking a MAO inhibitor this product can be especially deadly. Consult a physician and read the labels properly if you choose to use it.

It is possible to become anxious or quite nervous and jittery due to the strong stimulant effect.

When used as a ECA stack, the compound can often interrupt or disprupt proper sleeping patterns.

Ephedrine can cause a rise in blood pressure in most individuals. It is therefore not very wise to use this drug if you suffer from high blood pressure or cardiac irregularities.

Who should not use the Ephedrine

  • Someone with heart problems or high blood pressure should stay away from the ECA stack. 

  • Stay away from this substance if you are taking thyroid medication or have any thyroid problems, anxiety problems, nervousness, depression, insomnia, diabetes or are taking any MAO inhibitors.

  • Its not a good idea for teenagers in their growing years to use it. 

  • Those who live in hot climates should  be extremely careful during the summer months. Do not use this if, for example, you are outside playing sports or in the summer months.